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The Fatal Effects of Sleep Apnea

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You probably already know that Sleep Apnea is a very frustrating condition--but are you aware of the serious health risks that exist in those who haven't found a workable Sleep Apnea treatment? Untreated cases of Sleep Apnea are now associated with such serious conditions as heart failure, stroke, heart attack, and other serious problems in your respiratory and circulatory systems. This is because Sleep Apnea actually decreases the amount of oxygen in your bloodstream. The most important thing to remember is that you must seek out an effective Sleep Apnea treatment if you are diagnosed with Sleep Apnea. Not only does Sleep Apnea take away from the quality of your life, it can also take away from the length of your life when you don't have a viable Sleep Apnea treatment. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to get the Sleep Apnea treatment you need.

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How Can You Know If You Suffer From Sleep Apnea?

Sleep Apnea is marked by some very distinctive symptoms, and should be easily recognized. One of the first things to look for is loud, frequent snoring. While not everyone who snores has Sleep Apnea, most people who have Sleep Apnea do in fact snore. If your partner notices that you stop breathing or gasp suddenly during the night, and your involuntary movement increases with the volume, there's a good chance you need to find a workable Sleep Apnea treatment. Other symptoms to watch out for include unexplainable drowsiness and irritability during the day and cotton mouth or headaches when you first wake up.

So What Causes Sleep Apnea?

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Types of Sleep Apnea

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)
Obstructive Sleep Apnea is characterized by a sporadic blockage of your airways known as a collapse. With OSA, collapses are caused by the relaxation of various types of soft tissue that exist in your mouth and throat. While normally not in the way, this tissue can relax to the point of interfering with the flow of air while you sleep--unless you have an effective form of Sleep Apnea treatment. This causes the brain to "wake-up" so as to jump start the breathing cycle all over again. This cycle repeats itself hundreds of times every night, which is why you often wake up groggy.

Increased Risk Factors
When you don't have an adequate Sleep Apnea treatment, the consumption of alcohol before bed can cause soft tissue to relax farther than usual. Smoking irritates the soft tissue significantly, causing it to swell and inhibit the airflow through your windpipe. Those who are overweight are more susceptible to OSA because it often comes with an extra layer of fatty tissue that lines the inside of the mouth and throat, changing the shape of the airway and increasing the risk for interference.

Central Sleep Apnea (CSA) Central Sleep Apnea is believed to originate in the brain itself. When someone with CSA goes to sleep, the brain slows down its signals to the diaphragm, which is the powerful muscle that helps our lungs to breathe in and out. If these signals stop, someone can stop breathing for 30 seconds or more, ending with a loud snort that can wake the brain up--just like with OSA. This is the primary reason Sleep Apnea treatment is needed.

There are two patterns of abnormal breathing associated with CSA. One example involves holding your breath twice in one breath, and then is broken by brief periods of regular breathing. Cheyne-Stokes breathing is more erratic, marked by periods of sharp breathing followed by periods of no breathing--a trend that can be particularly disturbing to your partner--which is yet another reason to obtain an adequate form of Sleep Apnea treatment.

Mixed Sleep Apnea (MSA)
Mixed Sleep Apnea can be troublesome, as it has two places of origin: the brain and the body. Essentially, this form contains characteristics of both Central Sleep Apnea and Obstructive Sleep Apnea, and it closely tied to chronic heart failure. Sleep Apnea treatment can actually help prevent these more serious conditions from developing in those who suffer from Sleep Apnea.

Who is likely to develop Sleep Apnea?

Certain people are more apt to developing sleep disorders. Men are more likely to suffer from Sleep Apnea than women. Being overweight and over the age of forty are two other contributing factors, but Sleep Apnea can affect anyone at any age, even children. Of course, these risk factors can be when a viable Sleep Apnea treatment is in the picture. Millions of suffers of Sleep Apnea are currently undiagnosed and likely without a viable Sleep Apnea treatment.

What happens if I don't find a Sleep Apnea treatment that works?

Without a viable Sleep Apnea treatment, high blood pressure and other cardiovascular conditions can also develop. Memory problems, weight gain, impotency and headaches are also more likely to surface without Sleep Apnea treatment.

OBVIOUSLY. . .if you go to work tired, drive with fatigue, or try to function in your daily setting without adequate, quality sleep your abilities to operate a motor vehicle and operate heavy equipment will be severely compromised.

AND. . . sleep apnea is a big part of many larger, often fatal problems--at least when there is no Sleep Apnea treatment involved. When breathing is altered and/or interrupted the brain and body receive dangerously low levels of oxygen, causing the body to go into survival mode. This survival mode breaks into the regular rhythms of REM sleep, waking the body briefly in an attempt to activate regular breathing. This interruption of the REM sleep is known to have huge impacts on the cardiovascular system. This is the source of the problem, which is what needs to be addressed by Sleep Apnea treatment.

FACT. . .The National Heart, lung and Blood Institute released the results from a study conducted by the Wisconsin Sleep Cohort in 2008 which found that participants with severe sleep-disordered breathing were three times more likely to die than those without. Sleep Apnea treatment can reduce this risk. Researchers followed over fifteen hundred generally healthy men and women for an average of thirteen years. According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute: "The Wisconsin Sleep Cohort is the most comprehensive assessment yet of mortality risks associated with sleep-disordered breathing and the first to study a randomly selected population of adults in the United States."

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3 Common Forms of Sleep Apnea Treatment

Everything You Need To Know About Surgical Sleep Apnea Treatment

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Many people are turning to surgical procedures in their search for the perfect Sleep Apnea treatment. Two common operations for Sleep Apnea treatment are Septoplasties, which correct deviated septums and Uvulopharyngopalatoplasties, which remove soft tissue from the mouth and throat...but we'll come back to this Sleep Apnea treatment later.

Get The Truth About The CPAP Sleep Apnea Treatment Machine

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CPAP machines are commonly used as a form of Sleep Apnea treatment--especially those who have already tried corrective surgery. This means that for most people, surgery is not a viable option for Sleep Apnea treatment, causing many people to turn to CPAP machines for Sleep Apnea treatment, hoping that they will provide the Sleep Apnea treatment they are looking for. Especially for first-time users, mask irritation, cotton mouth, and sleeplessness make using the CPAP inconvenient and often negate any benefits of this form of Sleep Apnea treatment. But more on this Sleep Apnea treatment later...

All-Natural Herbal Sleep Apnea Treatment


The Holistic Solution Your Doctor Doesn't Know About

Most likely, your doctor will recommend that you change your normal sleeping positions, undergo expensive surgery, or use a cumbersome CPAP machine for Sleep Apnea treatment. Chances are, you won't hear about Sleep Apnea Relief--the herbal form of Sleep Apnea treatment--from your doctor. Sleep Apnea Relief is one of the hottest Sleep Apnea treatment products on the market. While surgeries and CPAP machines have mixed results as Sleep Apnea treatment. They only deal with the symptoms of Sleep Apnea. Sleep Apnea Relief is a Sleep Apnea treatment that addresses the cause of Sleep Apnea.

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"My Pulmonologist is Asking About It!"

"I've been using the Sleep Apnea Relief for the past three months and now my pulmonologist is asking for information on the product so he can pass it onto his patients who can't wear the CPAP apparatus! I'm really excited about the product and I do take one pill before bed every night." 

Florence,  New York


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Why Surgery Isn't A Viable Sleep Apnea Treatment

Septoplasty--And Right Back to the CPAP?

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The septum is the name given to the bone and cartilage that separates your nostrils from each other. Some people are born with a crooked septum, a condition that can be corrected with Sleep Apnea treatment surgery. While many doctors believe a deviated septum is one of the causes for Sleep Apnea, correcting this problem isn't always an effective form of Sleep Apnea treatment. The cost of this procedure ranges between $3,200-$6,000. Doctors often recommend that you use a CPAP as a continued Sleep Apnea treatment after this operation.

Uvulopharyngopalatoplasty--A Uvulo-what?

The complex name for this operation comes from three different types of soft tissue in your mouth and throat: the uvula (uvulo), which dangles in the back of your throat, the pharynx (pharyngo), which opens up into the throat, and the soft palate (palato), which separates your nasal and oral cavities. This Sleep Apnea treatment operation is designed to remove all of the above tissue, the idea being to prevent future blockages.

So they cut out part of my tongue?

Yes--one controversial part of this Sleep Apnea treatment procedure is that it removes a lot of healthy tissue. What's worse, it doesn't always provide the Sleep Apnea treatment doctors say it will. This surgical Sleep Apnea treatment typically runs between $7,200-$8,000.

Sleep Apnea Relief Provides Sleep Apnea Treatment at the Source of the Problem Without Expensive and Ineffective Surgery!

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"I'm very happy with this product!"

"I've used one bottle, and so far it's working to help my sleep apnea. I'm able to breathe at night without snoring. It's working for me and my wife. We're both very happy with this product." 

Gordon,  Texas

A Message From The Developer

Hi, I'm Steve Frank, the developer of Sleep Apnea Relief. If you're like me, you know what it's like to suffer from Sleep Apnea. However, you may not know that while I still have the condition, it never bothers me anymore! For years, it used to keep me up, and I could wind up being irritable for weeks on end because I wasn't getting enough REM sleep. I soon got tired of being tired. It was such problem for me, that I became determined to come up with the perfect Sleep Apnea treatment. After all, why should anyone not get a good night's sleep? Years of research eventually led me to the ideal form of Sleep Apnea treatment--a blend of herbs that correct the problem at its source. Naturally, I called this product Sleep Apnea Relief, and I successfully tested this Sleep Apnea treatment on myself for many months. Today, I want to share this wonderful Sleep Apnea treatment with you so that Sleep Apnea is removed from your life. Place your risk-free order today, and if you don't see results from my specialized Sleep Apnea treatment, call me within 30 days for your money back.


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Why The CPAP Sleep Apnea Treatment Machine Doesn't Work


What?! Infections?

CPAP Sleep Apnea Treatment Machines require that you wear a mask every night when you go to sleep. Most people have to go through several masks before they can find one that fits well and doesn't cause painful rashes or sores. If you don't maintain your mask properly, it can become infested with bacteria and lead to nasty infections. How's that for Sleep Apnea treatment?

Good Night, Darth

Because of the unnatural airflow created by the CPAP method of Sleep Apnea treatment, your mouth can easily be dried out by the morning. Your CPAP Machine provider might suggest that you fix this problem by spending more money on humidifiers or on a larger mask that covers your whole face--can you say "Darth Vader?"

I Can't Sleep With It!

Perhaps the most common problem for those who use the CPAP method of Sleep Apnea treatment, difficulty falling and staying asleep can be caused by multiple sources. Excessive noise, congestion, the rush of air into your mouth and throat, and the sensation of claustrophobia--these are just a few examples of what can keep you awake at night with the CPAP method of Sleep Apnea treatment. Why deal with all that when Sleep Apnea treatment can be so easy?

Sleep Apnea Relief is the Sleep Apnea Treatment that Frees You From Sleep Apnea!

"I'm glad I don't have to wear the mask for the rest of my life."

"I recently in the last year have been diagnosed as having sleep apnea. I started shopping around the web and found this website and decided to try the product. My wife immediately noticed I stopped snoring. When I wake up in the morning I remember I dreamt a lot more and I always wake up rested and by myself with no alarm. I've had the order refilled a couple of times, and I'm glad I don't have to wear the mask for the rest of my life. I recommend it to anyone else with this problem." 

Dennis,  Ohio


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More Information On Sleep Apnea Treatment

The Secret Ingredients that make Sleep Apnea Relief by Nature's Rite the Best Sleep Apnea Treatment Available.

One thing common among most forms of Sleep Apnea treatment is that the focus is on the symptoms--not the problem itself. Whether it's OSA, CSA, or MSA, the source of the problem is the relaxed tissue. But what causes this tissue to relax? The truth is, the problem is in the signals sent out from your brain, and most types of Sleep Apnea treatments don't address this issue.

...And Here's The Secret...

The secret is in the blend of herbs. Lobelia is the primary ingredient, and it is vital to the Sleep Apnea treatment formula because it helps enhance respiration--so that your brain can maintain its regular communication with the diaphragm when you sleep. This allows more oxygen to enter the bloodstream. Meadowsweet aids in the absorption of other herbs by soothing the stomach, thus expediting the Sleep Apnea treatment. Crampbark helps skeletal muscle to relax so that you can rest comfortably while this Sleep Apnea treatment takes effect. Thyme functions like Lobelia, further improving the communication between your brain and your respiratory system. Last but not least, chamomile is a mild relaxant, which helps your mind and body to ease into a wonderful night's sleep. Together, all of these ingredients make the most dynamic Sleep Apnea treatment on the market.

Sleep Apnea Relief is the herbal Sleep Apnea treatment that can treat all three kinds of Sleep Apnea: OSA, CSA, and MSA.

The problem with Sleep Apnea isn't that the soft tissue in your mouth and throat relaxes, but is the fact that your brain tells it to relax. Most kinds of Sleep Apnea treatment try to deal with the soft tissue itself, but do nothing to correct the communication between the brain and the respiratory system.

You can spend thousands of dollars on Sleep Apnea treatment that doesn't work--such as painful surgery, ineffective CPAP Sleep Apnea treatment Machines, and even mouthpieces that can throw off your bite...


For as little as $2 per night, you can get Sleep Apnea treatment that is as convenient as swallowing a pill--but doesn't have the side-effects you'd normally expect!

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"I'm a firm believer in the Sleep Apnea Relief."

"I've had to use a CPAP for four years now, but I'm a firm believer in the Sleep Apnea Relief. I won't go back to the machine again. It works!" 

Stan,  Michigan


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